The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand  

     An Important Warning Written In Tongues Concerning...   


  Jimmy Savile — Cathollick   [1 Lost K]

    a poem    


    LS* Calamity Jock: Veil Him, ————————————————————

    —————————————— Jovially Slim Came Thick  

      Hill Tyke, Mαs-Vocalic Jim, ——————————

—————————— Jimmy Savile - Cathollick ——————————

 Ivy Hi! —— Jam Locks. —— Call Time ——

    Vocally, Jim —— A —— Thick —— Slime ——

—————————— Cave Ilk Jilt Coal ————————————————— Shimmy              

    Tell Saliva Cock, —————— "Hi Jimmy!" ——————

   Clock Heavily Jim. ———————— Slam It. ————————

  Jams Cock Vilely. —————— Ha! ———————— Limit. ————————


       "I Act All Evil" —— Jimmy Shock. 

——— Salty Hijack, —— Come, I'll Vim. ————————————————————— 

   Illicit Slave; —————— Hammy Jock, ——————————————          

—————— I'll (Jovial) Thy Mecca Skim ————

      Killjoy, Eh? ———— A Clam's Victim?   

—————————— Hail, Sticky Clam! —— Love Jim. 

—————————————— Vocalic Majesty ———————————— Kill Him!  


———— Ova Milk, ———— Hectically Jism,     

                            Actively–Hijack–Moll–Ism. ——————————

———— Voila! ———————————————— I'll Jetsam My Chick,  

   Mystical Jive Moll ———————————— A Hick. 

   Icky Mismatch, —————— Vial Jello,       

  Jism Chilly ——————————————————————————— Vacate Limo. 

  Vital Jell, ————————— Icky Machismo, 

—————————— Cavity Jism Claim —————————————————— Hello    

        Limo, Atavism, Chicky Jell,                        

   Chick Joviality, Ma Smell,                              

   Victim Claims A Joky Hell                      


—————————— Cock Salami —————— Jive Thy Mill ———————————————————

   Cock Avail He Jimmy Still, ———————————————                          

——————————————— Sketchy Claim, Jovial Mil,                          

—————————— Jock Salami Milch, It Levy.                        

   Ism: Lilac Jock, Milt Heavy      


   Vet Him Calmly? Jail Sicko?                         

  Alack My Victims Jelli-Oh,                         

   Via Telly, Chicks Jam Limo,                         

  His Lava Cock Jets, My! I'm Ill,                      

   Majesty, Villa, Chick, Limo —————————

     Jail? (Vitally, Chick Memos).    


  Italy…Ma Chill Smock Jive,                        

 Love A Lilac Kitsch Jimmy;                           

   Majesty!! Macho Lick Villi,                          

             Holy Jam: Victims Lack Lie.                        


    Holy Jackal, Vilest Mimic,                          

     Chick, Salami, Jelly, Vomit,                        

   Clammily Love, ————— Hijack Sit,  

——————— Slam Chick Jovially, Emit              

                         Vile Jock Milch, Salty Aim;   

            Hick Jolly ———————— Activism Lame;                 

———————— Vocalic Jimmy, A Shell Kit,                         

——————————— Alack, I, Jimmy, Shovel Clit.                   


 Jimmy Click, ———— Hotel Saliva, ———————————                         

  Alive Jimmy, Cock Still? ——————————————————————————— Ha!

        Hmm - I'll Via Sticky Cajole ————                       

 ———————— Slickly Jam A Victim Hole.                    

   Catcall, Jive, Hi Mom! Silky,                      

                  Clavicle A Jim Shot Milky. ————————

   Hmm, — Vocalic Key Jilt, — Ails,   ——————————                      

  Victim Joke, ————————— Calmly Hails.                          

   Tick Holy —————————————————— Alms Claim Jive,                 

     Victim Yells:  Hi —————————————————— Jackal:   Om             


         Click. Aha. Live Jimmy Slot               

         Almost Civilly Hijack 'Em.                 

    Lick, Lay, ————————————— Vaj Mimics Helot       

   Icky Saliva, Lice? Jolt. —————————— Hmm...      

  Jackal Mimic Host, Evilly,              

      Cock Vitae, Hmm? ——————— Jail? —————— Silly.  


  Loath, Clicks Veil a Jimmy                         

          Hi!! ————————— Calmly Civil, Jets Amok         

               Jimmy Live, All Hits, A Cock.           

           My Cock Vital Ma, I Jell His                

          Cock Alive! ————— All This Jimmy! —————

   Cock Alive! ——————————————— All Shit Jimmy!

——————————————— Cock Alive! — All Hit Jimmy's 

   Cock!    Mallets!    Jail Him Ivy!   ———————————————


 Coma. ————————— Mask ————————— Civil? Jelly Hit                

   Icky Alcove / Jail? ————— Mmh, Slit      .........k

—————————————————— Lavish Cock: Maim, Jelly It            

  Lovesick Jimmy, Lilac Hat              

   All Evil Cock, I, Jimmy, Shat  







Hexagon: More filth
Hexagon: Let us pray, for they are both constantly under attack.

I am talking about posthumously-recognised marathon underage girl consumer and £40m charity fundraiser Sir Jimmy Saville OBE, KCSG, DJ - and the Catholic Church. 

If you've never been come across by either you're pretty lucky really! 

The poem considers Jim's journey from coal miner, to wrestler, club bouncer, pops presenter, road safety brainwasher, to fixing childrens' dreams on telly, to helping out at the hospital, Papal Knighthood, and heading up the top high-security hospital prison for Britain's most deranged lunatic killers and dangerous rapists. Yet Jim always managed to find time in between to be an irritating twat.

Hexagon: Words simply cannot describe my Shock when the Holy Spirit took me by the hand and it was made flesh in a flash that every single line of the poem was an anagram of the words "JIMMY SAVILE CATHOLLICK", Using All Of The Letters Each Time. 

This can only mean one thing: I am His most humble servant, being used as a conduit to deliver this message from a celestially-based deity, i.e. God — or possibly Savile himself. 

That's just a fact because you can see how well it fits in with Bible Teachings. That The Poem Be Indeed His Manifestion is further proved by all the capital letters, like in a poster for a Victorian seance. Does anyone here have a dead Ivy?

Imagine! Everything you needed to know about Savile's decades of debauchery with TV guests/prison kids/corpses/coma patients (take your pick, story ongoing) was hidden in plain sight right there in the words "JIMMY SAVILE CATHOLLICK" all along! 
Hexagon: Imagine! Everything you needed to know about Saville's decades of interfering with TV guests/prison kids/corpses/coma patients (take your pick, story ongoing) was hidden in plain sight right there in the words "JIMMY SAVILLE CATHOLICK" all along! 

Had this key to the Opus Dei secret cipher only been known, the Vatican could have interfered and moved Saville to an island in the Philippines.

Saville's Slovenia connections are less well-known: he lived with his mother until she died; he never married; and had a deep suspicion of other relationships. Hooray for the Pope!

LS is the postcode for Leeds.
Hexagon: The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand interprets important Slovenian affairs for the non-Slovene speaking world. 
Hexagon: Stop this filth! How things were in the old days
Hexagon: How to spell cathollick according to the National Archives of Ireland
Hexagon:  *LS is the postcode for Leeds.